How to be Compliant and Sustainable in Healthcare
Learn how to implement UV-C for HLD on semi-critical devices.

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Join our 30-minute session to explore 'The Green Standard,' an approach to sustainable high level disinfection for semi-critical devices using UV-C light.

  • Discover its impact on patient safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency in healthcare settings.
  • Learn how to integrate sustainable disinfection solutions into your hospital and stay compliant with healthcare standards.
  • Get more insights about 'The Green Standard' and its transformation of disinfecting flexible channel-less ENT endoscopes, TEE probes and ultrasound probes

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Presentation by 
Daan Hoek, Co-founder of UV Smart. 

Daan Hoek, a pioneer in UV-C technology, founded UV Smart with Thijs Kea, driving innovation in UV-C disinfection in Healthcare since 2018. He has led 12+ clinical trials, created UV-C device standards in Europe, and achieving MDR compliance and Health Canada approvals for all UV Smart's products.

His work is globally recognized, with UV Smart's technology used in 25+ countries. As a member of the AAMI TIR118 (UV Disinfection Task Group) and a featured guest on international podcasts, Daan is a respected thought leader in the field of UV-C disinfection.

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